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anaivanova Instagram: thediaryofmyalterego
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Anonymous Stalker. Photography by me.

Anonymous Stalker

I stalked your social media - I stalked your Insta, Facebook. I looked for you on Twitter but I don’t think you’re on there.

You didn’t post that much, but still I stalked you day and night.

Until you blocked me everywhere after a few drunk calls and texts...

I found you on Tinder. You didn’t match me back. Oh well, I am sure, you simply haven’t seen me…

Please make a YouTube channel, it’d make my life way easier! I’d watch your vlogs, it’d feel like you are with me.

It even might help my addiction!

Oh actually… It’ll only make it worse...

But still, please make a YouTube channel!

I’d love to know what are you up to. Where do you live? Where do you like to go to for food?

You know, how life creates coincidences…

It might become my favourite place to eat from now too :)

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