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Mr. & Mrs. Teenagers (END)

Mr. & Mrs. Teenagers

This is not an attempt to express myself or to think that this story will reach the person its meant to. No.

The world is full of lonely people.

A person who does not have any friends may not be lonely, a human surrounded with individuals maybe.

We acknowledged the word totally differently.

I am lonely. I cant tell this to anyone or maybe I don't want to.

But talking helps and a couple of strangers reading my story, idk feels like I've talked with someone who idk and will not judge me.

I guess that's why most people post their feelings on their virtual world. Not to get sympathy, but to just get the feelings out.

She was the one with whom I could share all these stuff.

Its amazing that how a guy like me has his whole world revolving around a single person.

She made my life beautiful. She believes that if a person has to change for a relationship then its not worth it.

She changed me. To a person who I myself at least liked. Now I jus pity the current me.

A betta fish spreads its fins and dances around at the arrival of a female fish. The female fish also does that if she likes him. Its a gorgeous view.

A good pair makes life beautiful for each other.

Hope I could never find true love. Humans are not worth it


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