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Mr. & Mrs. Teenagers

We were not away from each other because we wanted to, but we had to. All because of religion. The Diabolical using the name of God.

The humourous irony which is the business plot for the spear holders.

She was afraid of her father. An appreciated existence, we are pretty close to our parents. Some of them are, Some because they had to.

If they aren't then they are addicted to marijuana, a title role given for the worst people.

Gandhi got us freedom through non-violence. Maybe that's why we still don,t understand freedom. Maybe one has to fight and struggle for something to know its full worth.

No, I am not against ancient cultures. If you look pretty deep enough, you may come to a point where you might think am actually pursuing the ancient culture, but you'll never accept it though.


India is a country where people get divorced because their partner or in particular women was not a virgin.

The same people who wrote the 'Kamasutra' also the name of the 'God' of erotic pleasure who clearly states sex is a form of pleasure that is to be enjoyed for everyone with anyone

they desire whenever they crave.

India is a country that recently legalized homosexuality. What's surprising? Well, we have temples with cravings of homosexual pleasures craved on the entry walls.

I could go on for a long time.

Maybe me being with her was also not wrong, who knows.

I always respected her decisions and am happy she chose her father above me, the way it is supposed to be.

But what if she could have got both?

Guess I'll never know.......

Rest the next day


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