The Last City Prologue
The Last City Prologue dystopian stories

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They ruined the planet, strange creatures from another dimension now reign supreme over the land, sea, and air. There's no hope of saving Earth, but maybe they could learn to live in this scary new world.

The Last City Prologue

The sun rises over a desolate wasteland of green vegetation and fallen cities mixed with purple veins of foreign ore.

The forests seem to cower at the demonic screech of something just behind the concrete ruble. Then a giant bird stood, measuring 20 stories high also embedded with purple veins.

It looked around examining its surroundings and began to walk west to the smell of the ocean. The bird stalked its way to the beach, and when it got to its destination, waded knee high into the water.

The creature lowered its beak into the water to drink before it was suddenly pushed into the water by a quadrupedal feline creature nearly twice its height.

The bird backed deeper into the water at the sight of the other creature, and was spreading its wings to fly.

The Feline lunged at the bird which was already in the air flying away to the direction of the ocean. The feline roared at it not noticing the dark shape swimming up to it.

It wouldn't have mattered anyway because the feline was bitten by a shark. Its entire upper body now caught in the massive creatures jaws.

The bird from earlier had watched the whole situation play out and squawked seemingly relieved.

This is the world that we now live in.

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