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Pt. 1 of a collection of stories of the RWBYEU in no particular order. (I just made it up myself so its not related to RoosterTeeth) If you don't know, an expanded universe adds things to a universe and can have changes to things that are not clarified in canon but anything that is part of the canon is unchangeable but still part of the EU because its the main story unless its an anthology story or simply goes against what is already established in the EU.

RWBYEU The Raven

A cold day at Beacon Academy has students end their morning walking through the campus to their next class. A figure dressed in red and black crouched on a far off lamp post. The figure was the illusive Raven. She had been watching over her daughter Yang ever since she had met with her.

She had met Yang in the courtyard of the academy after the breach of a grimm hoard. Her daughter was strong but held back, her friends were useful but their emotional attachments to each other was an exploitable weakness that could get in the way of a mission.

Raven thought that if she had raised Yang then the girl wouldn't need anyone else. Raven watched as Yang walked into the academy talking with her team. She stands and opens a portal.

Raven fights against multiple human attackers. One of the people shoots bolts of ice at her. Raven teleports behind him and slashes him making his body drop. The other three charge at her and she teleports around them while making slashes at their bodies until they fall.

"Wait please don't kill me, we just needed money none of us wanted this we were threatened," The man said. Raven scowled and said, "If you let yourself be pushed around by them then you deserve whatever fate they promised you, and I don't want you coming near my clan again," Raven raised her sword-

Present: Raven had her sword raised to a man who looked at her with fear. She stood there her usual indifferent expression wavering. She thought back to her conversation with Yang in the chamber of one of the relics.

What would Yang think of me, she thought. Why would I care, Raven thought again. She lowered her sword. "Go, and don't come back," Raven said.

She notices that he left his cloak behind. In a decision that she didn't completely agree with she put it on and walked in the direction of the nearest town.

She thinks on Yang's words as best as she can. She has survived by relying on herself for so long, she thought that made her strong. Somewhere along the way, she realized that it had made her weak, she started killing because she couldn't rely on or accept help from anyone else. Or maybe she could, but she just couldn't let herself break down the iron wall around herself.

When she walks into town she sees lots of people walking around the streets and around the houses. They are far from wealthy and some are very dirty but they seem happy. She sees a family, a mother is helping her son after he falls playing with his sister and his sister tries to help too. He stands and limps realizing he has a sprained ankle. His father comes out to check it and picks him up, smiling and talking to him.

She looks away back to the forest, and sighs. Maybe I didn't have to be alone to be strong, maybe the point of having other people in your life is to let them help you be strong. Oh my. . that is so sappy, she thinks.

She took a moment to just stand there and breath. When she was ready, Raven walked out of the village and opened a portal to Yang. The portal doesn't open. She tries again. Raven's heart beats faster with every failed attempt, she hasn't felt fear in so long she doesn't know what is happening and those thoughts draw a tear.

She growls wiping away the tear and opens another portal breathing heavily. When she gets to the other side she stares at the man who is turned away from her. "What do you want?" "I need your help." Raven says through her teeth. This makes him turn, "What's up sis."

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