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What if everybody's favorite radio demon was . . . not a demon, but a huntsman with a unique semblance who trapped his own soul inside of his radio. How would the world of Remnant be affected? We'll, put on a smile and find out, because as Alastor would say, "your never fully dressed without one."

Remnants Radio Demon

I was thinking about au's and I came up with this. Alastor is going to be in his human clothes for this chapter. Also should I make a team for Al or just have him on his own? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Name:Alastor Height:6' Weight:100lbs Age:19 Semblance: Temporarily Binds souls. Irises glow green when he uses it. Weapon: Radio staff with a stand that holds Dust cartridge's and has a long blade that can come out of the bottom of the stand.

The bell rang as the door to teh entrance of the shop swung open. The two occupants of the store paid no mind until the man at the desk broke the silence. "Do you know how hard it is to find a dust shop this late?" and the sound of a firearm was heard. One of the customers, a male chuckled as he thought to himself, 'finally some entertainment.'

A short exchange started between the owner and the unknown man, before thugs in black suits came to collect dust from the containers. One of the men noticed the two customers and drew his sword. "Hey you two, put your hands up," he ordered. Neither of them did so. The man said again louder, this time catching the attention of the other customer, a young girl

"put your hands up." The girl smirked, "Are you robbing me?" The thug growled, "yeah" She proceeded to kick the man into a pile of supplies, this got the attention of the leader who motioned the other men to action. The girl sent one of them through the window along with herself.

"Okay, get her," the leader said. Alastor was still in the store, watching the whole event unfold with a smile on his face. He didn't like to get involved in these things when he wasn't in his suit, or without his radio. The girl easily took out the remaining thugs before the leader approached her.

"well red, I think we can all say this has been an eventful evening, and as much as id love to stick around, I'm afraid this is where we part ways," His cane opened up to reveal the barrel of a gun. 'oh what an interesting twist' Alastor thought. The man disappeared in an explosion.

Alastor walked out of the store watching the rest of the battle from the ground. 'Oh a huntress, I do love when things get interesting, pity I don't have my radio.' When the battle was over the huntress saw him and her glare was met by Alastor's smile.

Later: Alastor was waiting in the hallway with two guards who, obviously didn't know who he was. Alastor sighed.

Ozpin Glynda and The girl who he now knew was named Ruby stepped out of the room. Alastor stood acknowledging their presence. Ozpin looked at him for a moment. "Alastor," Ozpin said. Alastor bowed in response.

"Weren't you at the dust shop?" Ruby asked. Alastor nodded. "He can't speak without his radio," Ozpin said. "Oh," Ruby said, "I'm sorry," Alastor's smile momentarily widened before he walked away.

The next day Alastor was on an air ship to Beacon academy, where Ozpin could "keep an eye on him". He noticed that Ruby was there too along with another girl who she seemed to be very close with. He decided against engaging in a conversation. He couldn't talk without his radio anyway, and his suit was in his briefcase.

A hologram at the front displayed news about last nights robbery, and said that the ginger haired man leading the thugs was named Roman Torchwick. It also informed him of a peaceful protest turning violent after the White Fang got involved. Before any details were given the screen stopped displaying news and turned to Glynda Goodwitch. 'There she goes again ruining the best part' Alastor thought.

She was saying something but Alastor wasn't paying attention to it, He was more interested in what was outside. The view from up here was quite good, many people on board seemed to share this opinion, Alastor sighed as one boy stumbled around holding in whatever he had for breakfast.

As they approached Beacon academy Alastor arched a brow, thinking to himself, 'well this should be entertaining.'

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