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What if everybody's favorite radio demon was . . . not a demon, but a huntsman with a unique semblance who trapped his own soul inside of his radio. How would the world of Remnant be affected? We'll, put on a smile and find out, because as Alastor would say, "your never fully dressed without one."

Remnants Radio Demon

Alastor's head twitched in the direction of the skreech of a deathstalker. "It seems the show has started," whispered to himself, "wouldn't want to be late,"

The students of beacon found themselves facing a giant scorpion grimm, before anyone could suggest any kind of plan Ruby rushed in. "Ruby!" Yang shouted. Ruby charged forward weapon in hand and shot multiple rounds at the grimm, but it didn't seem to affect it at all.

Ruby ran back until razor feathers from the overhead nevermore pinned her in place. Alastor watched with his smile and a blank expression in his eyes. Ruby saw him and he saw the expression of terror on her face, but he stayed still without so much as a twitch.

Ruby covered her face from an impact that never came. She opened her eyes to find a wall of ice trapping the grimms stinger. She also saw Weiss. "You are so childish, and dim witted, and hyperactive, and don't even get me started on your fighting style and I suppose I can be a bit difficult . .

Weiss looked Ruby in the eye, "but if were going to do this were going to have to do this together, so if you quit trying to show off I'll be nicer." "I'm not trying to show off I want you to know I can do this." Ruby replied. "Your fine," Weiss said walking off.

As the students regrouped and the nevermore continued circling over head while Alastor walked up to the deathstalker. "Hello there," he whispered walking across the length of the creature. "What are you doing here?" Yang asked him. "Observing" He replied.

"Well, are you going to help or not," she continued. "hmm, no," He exclaimed. "Then were done here, lets go guys." They all rushed to the direction of large ruins and Alastor watched as the deathstalker freed itself and the nevermore dove after its prey.

Ozpin frowned as he looked through the camera to see Alastor on the field. "What is he doing there?" Glynda questioned. "Nothing, it seems." Ozpin replied.

Alastor watched as the events began to play out. His grip tightened on his staff. He so wanted to join the fun but he knew what would happen if he did and he didn't have time to get on Ozpin's bad side. Besides he knew what Ozpin was capable of, even he knew to watch his step one wrong move and Oz might decide he didn't want Alastor around, especially after the stunt that got him expelled.

Alastor Watched as the Deathstalker was pushed offa cliff and he sighed. "Such a waste of a satisfying kill." He commented. He watched Ruby and drag the nevermore up the side of a cliff until its head tore of from its body. "Oh, I haven't seen that before quite creative," He said.

Later after Ozpin announced the teams he confronted Alastor. "Why were you in the forest with the students?" "Entertainment, it get so dull around you hero types," Alastor replied. Ozpin frowned.

"I'll be watching you Alastor, I haven't forgotten the things you've done." "You haven't spoken to me with that tone since you expelled me from Beacon, well you haven't spoken to me at all until I got back here." Ozpin glared at him and walked away.

"Alastor!" Ruby called. "Did you see what I did!" "Yes, that was the best show I've seen in a while," Alastor's smile widened for her. "I can't believe I got picked for team leader, what if I'm bad, what should I do?" Ruby panicked.

Alastor thought for a second and said, "Smile."

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