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What if everybody's favorite radio demon was . . . not a demon, but a huntsman with a unique semblance who trapped his own soul inside of his radio. How would the world of Remnant be affected? We'll, put on a smile and find out, because as Alastor would say, "your never fully dressed without one."

Remnants Radio Demon

From now on i will update this story every Friday. Also I've changed Al's age to 19

Alastor stepped of the transport as people swarmed around him to make it to the steps of the castle. Alastor had his signature smile but his eyes were dull. He carried a leather briefcase with his suit and radio staff. 'well maybe I can sneak away one day while Oz isn't looking.'

He walked behind the crowd, examining all the people and their weapons. 'Interesting' He thought, 'so many students, so many weapons of destruction.' He saw a girl with a fire blade which was particularly interesting.

He cocked his head when he heard an explosion. He scanned the court yard for a moment and found the Ruby girl being yelled at.

He opened his case to grab his radio, and upon seeing his suit paused. ' on second thought, maybe I could have a little fun before I go. If I remember correctly they should have a test coming up soon.' He took the radio and closed the case.

When Alastor got to Ruby's location the girl in white had left and another girl was walking away. He tapped the radio and it extended into a staff. "Why hello there Ruby," He said and the radio let out a static whine.

Ruby covered her ears and looked up. "Alastor?" "Yes its me, why, is my hair uncombed?" "No, sorry," Ruby said getting up, "I've never heard you voice before." "I see." Alastor responded.

"So you talk through the radio?" Ruby asked curiously. "Precisely," Alastor exclaimed. "Are you a professor?" Someone asked. Alastor turned to see the blonde boy from the air ship.

"No," Alastor said. "Aren't you the guy who threw up on the ship?" Ruby Chuckled "My name is Jaune and . . yes, but its not that weird, there are plenty of people who get airsick." Ruby noticed that Alastor was gone. "Um okay I guess we should go inside."

Alastor had started walking along the side of the school grounds, his staff was in its compact form clipped to the back of his belt now. He took note of any doors or windows he found just in case. He was about to head back when he heard a gasp. "You," the voice exclaimed.

Alastor looked behind himself and then at the source of the voice. He pointed at himself sarcastically. It was Professor Oobleck. "So its true, Ozpin did drag you back here." Alastors smile widened as he grabbed his radio.

"Why don't we go inside, we can catch up later after Ozy interrogates me." Alastor told him. "hmm," Oobleck hummed suspicious of Alastor's intent. "You should say his name with more respect." "My friend," Alastor started, "He is one of the few people I do respect in this world."

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