Deck of cards- one of three.
Deck of cards- one of three.  stories

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A reflection on the confusion regarding what kind of person you are... (sorry: i dont know how to do light poetry)

Deck of cards- one of three.

Who am I? If this was a card deck who would I be?

Would I be one of hearts? kind, honest, generous, loving and loyal. True in every sense. Represented in red.

Would I be six of spades? cold and emotionless, cruel, Taking joy in harming others, a liar and a thief, dishonest enjoying the thrill in the fight. Dark in every sense. represented in black.

The spade associated with harm.

Would I be eight of diamonds? alone, lost, sad. Living only for others until no longer needed. Represented in blue. Eight being the number of tears shed and diamond reflecting sorrow.

Who am I? what am I?

What happens when all are in ones head?

When you fight to be the one of hearts, but are leaning closer to six of spades?

How are you supposed to cling to being the one of hearts when others get rid of your only connections to such?

How can you be the one you want to be when you can only be one of three?

You try to cry for help and people say you could never be like that.

A joker hiding in plain sight.

Hiding the pain, sadness and confusion behind a smile and a laugh.

no one seeing the damage behind the mask.

no one sees what the mask is holding back.

someday the mask will crack and one of four will become one of three.

which will it be?

hearts, diamonds or spades?

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