Broken, home.
Broken, home. thoughts stories

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Broken, home.

A house does not suffice, If it there is no one around to make it a home, To make it complete, And safe.

Regret fills her heart, As her love leaves her home, But she is not broken.

She is not as broken as the house, She once called her home.

Children running around, Flying kites, Playing tag.

All part of a life she once knew of, The shattered memories, They come together.

Placing herself in that setting, When she used to be apart of the neighborhood.

Where she was once one of those children, Who ran chasing after their dreams, Who flew kites wondering how high they can fly, Who played tag, And dreaded being “it”.

Those same shattered memories, They all made her come to a realization, That whatever the path she chooses to take now, She can never be just another child.

She can never be who she was, Because who she was, Never made the cut.

She was never good enough for those other children. The ones who now, Achieved the dreams they always chased.

She was the one left behind, But coming from a broken home, It wasn't a big surprise.

All she has now, Are the tiny fragments, She left behind from her collage of memories.

But those seem to fly away in the wind, High in the sky, Almost reaching the kites she once flew.

They glided across the clouds, She feels it. But she hasn’t gotten enough of it, And she craved more.

With no home, No support, She is hanging on to the last bit of hope, The same hope she held onto while playing tag.

She’s no longer dreading being “it”, Now that’s all she wants.

But no one is around to help her, So the only thing left to do, Is figure out a way to glide against the soft clouds above her head.

She doesn’t have the desire to fly a kite, Or play tag, The only desire she truly wants,

Is flying high above the clouds, And watching all the children who carry on her legacy,

Running, Flying kites, Playing tag.

Only now she has a different perspective, She is looking down from the sky,

See the world revolving around laughter, And memories that fill peoples lives with positivity.

She is looking down from the sky, Instead of looking up at the sky wishing she were there.

Maybe she ran so hard, She finally got the only dream she ever wanted.

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