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The Yearning Couple

Whazs up! So I haven’t posted anything in awhile in like writing wise. But this will be my last official post before I have to go. On vacation ofc. Duhh I wouldn’t leave you guys if I didn’t have to. So this chapter will hold you off until the end of summer.

Wow! End of summer, it’s been a whole year since COVID can you believe it. It sucks Ik but still for it to be only a year when others have been yearS or decades. So Be Safe Everyone. Anyways I’ll upload an appreciation post later this week and put up the results from the polls and collab. So let’s get into it.

Josh: "Forget what we're told, before we get too old" the lyrics spread into the car. Sarah's ranting in the background and her hands raising in the air slamming back down in time of the music. The song ends, and the full spec of Sarah's outrage fills the car. For once, it annoyed me. It seems like I was always in the wrong, my opinions irrelevant.

Maybe that's why I waited a couple days to call her, to just have it all at once. She always had the last word, and was right. Her unimaginable vocab seems to double each day to describe what I did. "For once could you think about me" she finishes and I wince. Guilt eating me up, this time she was right.

I wasn't thinking about her lately. I had to make it up to her. The light changed and I sped forward. Apologizing once again for not answering her calls and breaking my promises. I pull into a restaurant and Sarah crosses her arms.

Dismissing my apology, she proudly boasted that we couldn't go in because she gave them a bad review. I sigh and take her hands. "Where do you want to go"? She pretended to think and sprouted a fancy restaurant. Which I wasn't dressed for or had money to give.

I agreed, unwilling pulling out and listening to Sarah amused stories of the reviews on each company or restaurant. Sarah was one of a kind, stuck up, confident yet so irritating. Some would say she is toxic and entitled but really it was a facade.

Her family divorce lawyers, having more troubles than I can count. It would be impossible for Sarah to not have an intolerable trait about her. It was natural, to me. She completed me , in a way. But seems like the magic was gone like a fling too quick to have feelings for. It was a routine Sarah and I.

But now it seemed broken as I saw another route, the one without...Sarah.

Bella: "Of course Harry" I said smiling at the old man who ordered something extravagant. It amused me how a place of dining wasn't so romantic if you think about it. People around you are chewing and laughing. Their spit ending up anywhere. The exposure of something new, especially something like a first day in front of a bunch of strangers. Seemed ironic.

Returning to the kitchen placing the order and taking some appetizers on the way out as I spotted a couple entering. "Bella" , a high pitched woman, sounded next to me in a booth. My boss referred to them as "free loaders" as they seem to only eat the appetizers and a fancy "kids" meal.

I beam turning around to the odd couple. A plump woman in her late fifties shifts towards me patting her husband. "Hun, it's Bella the dancer," she said excitedly. She frowned and said "It's been awhile since we saw you. You've gotten skinnier! Are you eating? Hun, does she look skinnier to you?"

Her husband in his late forties with peppered hair and a silky grin says "Awe Bella. Gliding as always. Hey grab me some sugar packets I"- Someone from across the room yells for a waiter, I'm grateful for an excuse and depart. Taking their order then I make my way to the couple with their menus to their face.

"Hello! Welcome to the Franchisana. What can I get you?" They take down their menus and I frown. Immediately I felt sick as I looked at Sarah and Josh sitting cozily in the booth. Sarah takes out a pad saying rudely "That's all you can do. What poor skills you have, I'll write that"- .

Josh puts his hand over the pad mumbling that she is making a scene. She argues back and I stand awkwardly as they fight.

But my eyes watch as Josh sits silently as Sarah ridicules him. Is he really happy with this? How could he love someone who is so selfish and stuck up. He looks up, his eyes locking with mine.

Josh: I blink, not now. Not with Sarah, I clear my throat looking away and I say "I think will order now, right Sarah". She huffs and sneers at Bella. Rudely she gets up bumping the table with her hip and it jams into Bella. Sarah is making her way to the door when I look up to Bella to apologize.

But she's gone already at a counter rubbing her leg and snatching sugar packets. Her black skirt swishes as she walks and I breathe slowly out. I quickly followed Sarah out when she yelled to me, "Why didn't you back me up"! I shot back "You had no right to treat someone like that".

Sarah stammers and turns on her heel and I yell for her. She gives me the finger and I couldn't help but laugh. How could I doubt that I love her? Her intolerant attitude warmed my laughter. Her unfiltered thoughts make me question my dealings with every situation. She made me a better person.

I quickly get in the car driving slowly by the walk and yell for her. She quickly moved forward, sneering. I lean over the driver seat and open the door. "Get in" I say, drumming my fingers on the steering wheel. "No"! She says turning to me. I turn my head confused. Is she really mad at me .

I check my watch, how long is this charade going to go on. "Come on Sarah, are you serious?" I ask. Sarah stomps her foot " Of course I am. That...whore has you wrapped around her finger. I see the way you look at her, you're not just dance partners".

I scoff "Sarah knock it off, just get in". " No" she shrieks "Not until you apologize". I raise my brows, apologize? For defending someone from her crude position. I get out leaving the car on "Apologize, for what"? She growls "For what! For not standing up for your girlfriend . You know what... actually for touching a tramp like that.

" I dip my head and growl "she's not a tramp"! "How can you even defend her?" she asks in disbelief covering her face. "Cause she's my dance partner. She is a human who doesn't need your aggressive, introlable words thrown at her"! There was honk behind me and a guy leaned out the window yelling at me to get out of the way.

"Get in the car" I ask her politely. All my belief about the happiness she brings me is slowly disappearing. "No Josh, I think we need a break" she says almost inaudibly. Angry, embarrassed I get in the car with a word. Closing both doors I drive off slamming my fist on the wheel when I get to the light.

Bella: Handing the packets to the couple I head to the back . Trying to ignore anything about Josh in my head. There was a loud conversation outside and I suppress a chuckle only imagining that Sarah was deluding him in poisoned blows. There was a sharp "No" outside and my manager looked at me.

Coming over he said " Can you see if you can quiet them down, they are bothering our customers". I nod and finish an order, honking and a guy yelling seems to gather everyone's attention. I quickly make my way outside to see Josh's car zooming off Sarah on the sidewalk , crying. The man who was yelling was following suit to Josh and I couldn't help but be more curious.

Not making a move toward Sarah as she slowly walked off, weeping. A sudden gladness overcame me as I saw Sarah in pain. Only meaning that Josh and Sarah had a fight, probably unfixable. I shake my head, I was better than this. I shouldn't care.

But I did all through the day and the next week. As Josh touched left stinging sensations on my skin. I couldn't help but think that he was thinking of Sarah. He seemed miserable but yet free somehow. This fight was infecting his dance. It was sloppy on the parts that I knew he did well in.

Then sometimes he was so Intimate or his gaze was too much to stand. He had it together and I had no words to console him, or comfort, more so because of my own selfishness.

Josh: After the fight everything was different. She didn't call or text and all the things she left I cuddled close. Even though I would never emitted that I felt a sense of relief but I still missed her. I couldn't focus on anything but dance and work. Everything else reminded me of Sarah...and Bella.

Sweet Bella, she was to blame, I would tell myself. Because Sarah was right I do have feelings for Bella and I didn't know how to get rid of her spectacular beautiful mind. It didn't help that I saw her almost every day and that sometimes I wanted to kiss her. Self control was key every time I saw her. It was frustrating. My conflicted feelings between them.

Days before the showcase I came home to Sarah packing the things she left. My heart felt weak after she left as another argument had blown out of proportion. This time it wasn't about Bella, but us. Could I ever fix it?

Everyday sense had been dull and I had to distance myself from everyone to not snap. I had to get my feelings in check.

Well that’s it. There will be so much drama I promise. Sorry to leave off like this but... no nvm I’m not sorry I love leaving off on a cliff hanger. Bye luvs and rock on 🤘 ~ Adriana

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