Tell people that I love them
Tell people that I love them appreciate stories

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Last message for you!

Tell people that I love them

So I'm actually leaving for vacation in a few hours and I wanted to tell everyone on commaful I love them. Not only for the friends and support but for reading my work.

This also means I can't finish the sad song collab. Sorry.

I want to start off with my close friends and now my family.

@baddie_girl and @rebeccamci13 and ofc lune_ares. Make sure to follow them all of these people.

They've been there since I got to commaful. And they have been nothing but kind and supportive and sisterly to me. I don't have any sisters but I consider you guys my family.

Love you and thank you for everything. Through the secrets you kept and listening to my problems. Also just being there and talking to me when no one else has.

You guys are my best friends, my sisters, my family.

Ik he is not on commaful anymore but I still appreciate @72stars he has always been there for me and is an out of this world writer , friend and person.

I miss you and love you you're a great friend!


Even though we met a few weeks back. I wouldn't ask for a better friend. You've been there for me and we talk about literally everything. And nothing at all and I thank you for being my friend.

I see you as part of my family. Love you and I appreciate you.


Wow! We meet as pen pals . And I gotta say you are the best pen pal ever! We literally talk about Potatoes and Aliens and just everything. I couldn't ask for a more funny or goofy friend.

Luvs you !


I seem to attract goofy people because we literally talk about cows. But you are a great friend and I love you!


His brother and also a great friend. Equally as funny and I appreciate you. Luvs ya.


I love our chats about how the internet roasts us and quizzes defining our personalities. I appreciate you and you're a great friend.


I actually think he left due to some drama (not me) but he is a great friend and has always been here for me. Thank you , love you.


I think we meet from mjforever. But I couldn't ask for a friend so honest and goofy. Love you.

@Wintersage and kyrstal17cups

You've been one of the few people I talked to when I first started here. You are truly friends. Thank you!


You really are a talented writer. Don't underestimate yourself! You are a great friend and you've been through a lot but just keep pushing. Love you!


I love your fantastic logos there. Keep up the good work and you are a good friend.


You're funny and I love you , you're a great friend.















@skittlesboyo (socks)





You all are wonderful friends and I appreciate you!

Have a grand summer and I love you all. 🥰😘 Keep being you and rock on. 🤘 ~Adriana

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