Secret messages part two
Secret messages part two  messages stories

amtalamantes What doesn’tdestroy you leaves you broke
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By amtalamantes

Secret messages part two

There was more secret messages. Thank you all who did them. Another link will be posted if you wanted to do them again , thanks you!

Sorry it didn’t fit on one slide. By anyways thank you! I think you’re the best and if I’m correct I think as you of a sister to.

Bottom one: so I couldn’t get the link to work buuuut I did look up his smile. You gotta give a girl some warning. That scared the crap out of me. XD But I gotta say his teeth are spot on, thank you!

Top one: I read that over and over again and I love it. It is beautiful ! You have a way with words you suuuurrre do. So I wanna thank you for writing that. I will be your friend to if I’m not already.

So that’s it I had fun so byeees luvs ya ,🤘 ( sorry had to😂) ~ Adriana

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