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amt I like to write dark poems, check it out
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Hello fellow readers. My old platform where I used to post my work has changed. I have hundreds of poems I will be transferring over to Commaful. Check out my scribbles if you wish.

Close my eyes and I’m sixteen. Hands pressed against a bay window as rain begs to get through. I watched every droplet tempt the glass into giving in. How I wished it would shatter and let the whole thing cave in. I was invincible in the eyes of lightening that crashed through the clouds. Light was my answer and it needed me like how the rain needed to break through the sky. I still feel myself running through it as young bones once braced the cement. That was iridescent. That was selfish in all the best ways. That was free. That was spinning without caring where I landed. That was the heart of me. Hands folded just to feel myself surrender to the summer. Drowning in laughter because the bad things weren’t that bad yet and I used every spark of light that I had left in order to see me. Lighting up a space so that everyone could see it. Need it. Be it. Want it. Love it. So when I crawl back to those old hollows of myself and see empty spaces in the darkness of an aged mind, I take the things that have happened and put them aside. I forget the robbery of my youth and forgive whatever stole it, because it needed it more than I did. I take chewed up fingertips and place them against the window in my bedroom. Feel the storm tempting the sun into folding. The world will let me rest while the rest of my thoughts follow. Close my eyes and I’m sixteen. -AMT ©thesleeplessdreamer

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