The Wings of the Zephyr
The Wings of the Zephyr stories

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The infinite sanddunes dawned in my blue iris Like the mushroom clouds of atomic explosion.

The Wings of the Zephyr

The infinite sanddunes dawned in my blue iris

Like the mushroom clouds of an atomic explosion.

I lay like an injured pigeon as the horses marched past me.

The distant horizon pixelated as my vision eclipsed slowly.

Waves of the maureders came roaring towards me-

Just like an apocalyptic avalanche coming to claim the lives of a vernal poppyfield.

Their roars seemed like a meteor about to impregnate the Earth with deaths.

As I frantically searched for the butt of my rifle,

I saw the bullets slowly eulogizing the names of my comrades.

My consciousness vaporized slowly in the desert wind-

Like a liquid constellation on the slate of a summer night.

But did I wake up truely to find a figure caressing my fever-beaten hairs?

Her hands had the moistness of the eyes of a deer,

Roaming in the camphor-studded rainforests of the Himalayas.

She breathed softly,and that sound died in my latent ears like a drop of sunlight in the misty ocean.

My lips could only crave for some more drops of water,

As her shadowy figure replenished my throat with her ambrosia.

How was she like?I wondered.

She melted into a distant fiery glow only to reemerge again in the field of my vision.

The jade-black hairs decorated her forehead with cryptic designs.

Her jestures silenced my obdurate lips,"Shhh!"

But still I touched her Arabian cheek to cough out,"Who are you?"

She smiled and brought her lips dangerously close to mine as a mellow whisper rang,"Shehnaz."

"Shehnaz..."I breathed deeply.

And again I was lost in the desert of unconsciousness

Like a lone Bedouin searching for the Pole Star.

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