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amisha2000 Community member
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Love u, guys! Hope you are alright.

Past mistakes

Does it matter who we are now, When the past threatens us every day Because of some mistakes we made, Without being aware of the consequences Which could destroy our future So simple, So simple... 

We liked the moment we made them Without thinking about what might happen If they found out, we wouldn't have any more Control on the gossips, On our secrets, On everything, we hid from others. 

Now everything is destroyed and we can no longer Fix life-threatening mistakes Which threatens us even for a moment, When their trace was forgotten By mystery hunters Which smelled the lies.            We hid from their eyes. 

I wonder how we can live When everyone is staring at us As if we were the only ones to blame From this confusing investigation. When they look you up and down Hoping to discover the existing clues, When they criticize your gaze, your gait, your breath. 

We didn't think about the consequences Being too absorbed at the moment We did what we thought was right Without realizing it for a second How much it would affect us all...

PS. I am so sorry because I did not post these months, but I needed time and I still need time to recover myself. I wrote this poem two months ago, and it was really hard to do this, but now I am fine. Almost fine. Hope u like it. Kiss u! Post soon!

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