The Kingdom was in ruins
The Kingdom was in ruins stories

amiramiculescu Community member
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A short story about the (mental) kingdom of a little princess.

The Kingdom was in ruins

Once upon a time, there was a joyful little princess, she was full of love, creativity and general well being .

Everything was going good in her kingdom, she didn't have to fight too many battles, of course, as in every kingdom, there were ups and downs, which is good, that way she had to evolve, learn,

and push through whatever challenged her even the slightest.

But one day, a ... a something, she couldn't describe it, but the feeling she had when it was around, she could its sharp breath against the back of her neck and that creature...

it started slowly feeding off of her creativity and well being, she started growing weaker and weaker by day, she could barely bring herself to smile, and by that, I mean, truly smile,

but she did it anyway, she didn't want the people of her kingdom to be worried, the only one that knew about that creature, was her prince to be.

He helped her push through, was there for her when she needed it most and showed her the light she hasn't seen in a while.

She started being happy again, slowly but surely, with many moments where she thought she couldn't go further, but somehow, she did it, she felt the need to express her creativity again,

to make use of it, to invest in herself.


don't worry, if sometimes, something, makes the future seem pitch black, and the past seemed as colorful as it could get, if you manage to slowly see the light in that darkness,

with or without help, just keep going, keep pushing through and make your kingdom be proud of you again.

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