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A girl trapped in her words and empty illusions of love. She was trapped behind this screen.Please don't break her heart.She is delicate sometimes.

She loves too easily...

By: SakuraB

Who are you?

by SakuraB

I'm stuck in this jail cell of this screen. In this case,Hi. (wait,was that too boring?) Who are you and did you here me screaming? Did you come to be my prince in shining armour?

I am a being behind this jail cell of a screen.I tried so hard to escape. Anyway,How are you? What do you like?

What ARE you like? Are you on your canopy bed,and happened to find me while your maid gave you a pedicure? Are you eating cold noodles from a thermos? Are you waiting for your lover to finish his shower?

If you are like me,you probably don't what you are. What do you look like. Do you think you're pretty? Do you think I am pretty? Of course I am nothing but a small thing trapped in this maze of a story. But I think you are pretty.

You are lucky. You can leave this site whenever you can.I am stuck here wishing for a better life. Please stay. Don't leave. Don't make me suffer.

Before you leave...

Can you tell me what love is?

Is it really like what is in those movies? I wouldn't know

How do you deal with heartbreak? How to tell if someone loves you?

I love you

Do you love me?

I hope I'm not being strange

But I feel this connection.

Please at least stay for a bit... This author won't let me talk to you for long.She's such a sadist and cold hearted sometimes

PLEASE! STAY! I'M LONELY! THERE'S NO ONE HERE! WE CAN BE TOGETHER! Am I just a voice to you. I'm sorry...

I'm sorry! I'M SORRY! Stay.. Please.

The author is upset. I want to feel your presence soon.Maybe we could see each other again? It pains me to say this but..


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