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Join Timmy on his little adventure..


A little boy and his family are going to go on a trip to Hawaii. Timmy the little boy is fascinated with Hawaii,the dancing, the food and their language. Everything about Hawaii he loves.

The night before he left for Hawaii he stood up and watched the stars. He then said to the stars "I wish for an adventure let me, dad and mom have an adventure please.

" As Timmy then fell asleep by his window stand.

It's now the next morning around 5:00 am he jumps up and gets his things and yells 'let's go" and he jumps in the car waiting for everyone else you can really see he is full of excitement.

After a few minutes of Timmy anxiously waiting the family finally gets in the car and they drive off to the airport once they arrive they go straight to the plane and they get seated waiting

to take off. Up and away they are high above the clouds. Timmy sits at the end of a role with his parents right beside him in the other role.

It was around 5:30 am when the plane seemed like it reached some turbulence so Timmy starts to get a little scared and grabs his teddy bear and says to his teddy it's going to be okay.

And it did at least that's what they thought

It was now around 7:00 am as it started to rain really hard and it got louder and louder with wind hitting on the plane waking everyone.

Then you hear thunder and everyone's head is up and afraid.

The Captain comes on and says" I'm sorry to say but we're caught up in a storm and we lost our right engine" Everyone looks to the right nothing but fire and smoke and everyone starts to yell.

Just as Timmy mother was about to get up to grab her son the plane's left engine exploded causing a hole everyone yelling and crying nothing but chaos,

Timmy yelling for his parents but he couldn't see them. Timmy grabs a mask and breathes and breaths then everything becomes black.

Timmy later wakes up to see himself on a plane seat. But when he looks down and sees nothing but water. He starts crying and yelling but no one can hear him, no one can see him.

He still tries to look around for someone but no one at all until he looks up and sees a small island in the distance.

He starts to push himself to the direction of the island, with his little hands he paddles to shore. He unbuckles himself and falls to the floor and says "I wish I never got on that plane.

" He looks up just to see it has started to rain again, so he jumps and looks around and sees a tall tree and runs underneath.

It starts to get dark and cold and Timmy just lays there crying himself to sleep hoping for a miracle.


And you will find Timmy waking up from his bed

his mother and father come in and say ''why aren't you ready? The plane leaves soon" Timmy jumps and says "it's a dream! no plane!!". I want you back!.

I'm on an island!" Timmy cries and refuses to get up

Timmy and his family didn't go on the plane...

It was around 7:00 am and Timmy's parents were trying to calm Timmy down.

But little did they know what was happening on tv, the breaking news came on and showed that a plane had crashed around an island that was going to Hawaii and there were no survivors.

Maybe it's Timmy stuck in his dream or maybe it was a wish come true...

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