You're Beautiful
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amgoosehjonk i will throw your rake in the lake
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A cute little poem about how all that matters is yourself, not what you look like. <3

You're Beautiful

I don't care about your clothing,

Or really, the way you look

I care about the little things,

Like can you read a book?

I care about the sparkles

That reside within your eyes

The gentle shimmer of your skin

When you grin, not moisturize

I care about your laughter

and that beautiful way you talk

I don't care about your whitened teeth

I just like the way you walk

I don't care about the made-up things

They're not that much, you see

I only care about the real things

That are as real as you or me

So remember me, whenever you need, next time you're feeling insecure:

I love you for you, whoever you be, for exactly who you are.

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