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A man orders food from an exotic vending machine.

Vending Machine


It gnawed at his stomach like a rodent. It was his fault for not bringing a snack to the concert, though as he walked home with violin in hand he felt like he couldn't stand it.

The answer, of course, backed up against a wall in the far-off corner of a bus station, was a vending machine.

Rather unusually lacking a front window, the buttons had nothing but words; no pictures, no brand, not even a copyright signal to be seen.

He laughed as he saw the words decorating the front of the machine. "EXOTIC FLAVOR!" it boasted, in wide, neon blue sans serif, taking over the entire front of the machine. "RARE BODY!!"

He didn't exactly trust anything coming out of this machine, but a rumbling of his stomach reminded him of his mission.

Hesitantly, he pushed a dollar into the slot-- and was shocked when it came back out. "PAYMENT NOT YET REQUIRED," a voice said, coming from the back of the machine.

He grunted and punched a random button, "PAKISTANIAN SODA".

A can rolled out quietly and he lifted it, taking a moment to crack it open before taking a big swig and--

He yelped and spit out the offending liquid, before throwing the can at the ground and watching blood splatter across the concrete. It hit a button as it bounced off the machine.


He fell on his ass and crawled away from the machine, watching as a heart-- a real, live, human heart,

still beating and leaving a trail of blood on the machine-- squeezed through the machine's flap.

He screamed and ran, seeing figures in the distance.

"PAYMENT REQUIRED NOW," it chirped. He crashed into someone's chest, seeing a bone saw glint in the soft light of the subway.

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