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That's right folks, the collab is finally out! I got submissions from 5 authors, which I have to say far exceeded my expectations. Every author is tagged below. Go read their stuff!

Things that Go Bump Collab

That's right folks, the collab is finally out!

I got submissions from 5 authors, which I have to say far exceeded my expectations. Every author is tagged below. Go read their stuff!

So, without further ado, let's introduce our first story: Soundtrack!

Soundtrack, by debadityadutta

Ryan was bored . Like bored to death . Metal might make him feel . Bon Jovi seemed to be the right antidote . His new headphones were due in evening .

Till then he had to adjust with his trusted "Soundtrack" . His first hard hat , gifted by his father when he was twelve . Kept on his grave .

He brought soundtrack home and it kept him company in times when schoolwork seemed lengthy with grandma at neighbours . Bon Jovi was his friend and Tommy and Gina his fantasy .

He put on Soundtrack for the last time ever . "Hey , how are you doin?"

Ryan was almost struck by lightning ! " Hey its me , your soundtrack ! "

He tried to plug it out ..

"No .. that's not happenin' , at all kiddo.." " First stop that metal from comin' on your doorstep , then think about unplu''in' me !

"No , if you can hear me ! that is not happening. Soundtrack 2 is coming ! "

"First try , pullin' me off .."

He tried to pull soundtrack off, with all his might .. but it stuck to his ears ..

Deafening laughter could be heard .. "Cancel soundtrack 2 first ! Otherwise ..

Ryan woke up with a start . Soundtrack was lying just next to him .

Darkness, by thewriterkid

Darkness overcomes me and the figure meets me. He asks me "what do you have for me?' I pulled the jar out of my backpack, and his presence sent a chill down my spine.

I responded "got him last night." he snatched it from my hands, opened the jar, and inhaled the contents. I walked away, terrified that the same thing would happen to me.

While walking away, I heard the man's beheaded head crying out for revenge against me, and was terrified for my life. I turned, and saw another figure running towards me with a hatchet.

He got to me, and before I could run away, he swung at my neck, and everything went dark.

Absence, by bruvton

The bed felt cold with absence. I rolled over to where the love of life my should've been. Since her death, the emptiness had become a part of me.

The darkness engulfing the room was nothing compared to the cold, dark void that replaced my heart and devoured my soul. The silence was shattered by weak footsteps and a frail voice.

"Join me," a presence said as a hand emerged from the blackness. It was her, the one I loved. I grasped her icy, decomposing hand. I felt weightless as she pulled me away.

"I love you," I whispered.

The Shadows in the Forest, by qimagine

The shadows brought a stir, in the eerie cold of the forest.

When all life went dead and decrepit, and the bitter winter left the woods to its poorest.

As all animals strayed away

from the shadows upon their arrival.

The sudden whispers of a bitter chill came about upon evil's revival.

These menacing creatures, that then invaded my cabin home.

As I was sleeping in the night, and was dreaming all alone.

Until my eyes opened up and I saw,

and felt a bitter chill that held no thaw.

A dark shadow bearing the essence; the devil's eyes.

Slip Away, by Hayha

A tentative sweep at the curtains confirm my fears

A handprint darkens the window, a smile that leers

A screech, and I back away with my heart in my throat

When I move to call for help, all that comes out is a helpless croak

My eyes widen, my hand trembles as I swiftly lock the door

Yet just as I lock it, a shadows comes through, and I shake to my very core

I back away, my breaths shortening to gasps

And my life slips away, not slow, but fast

Another thank you to everyone who submitted!


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