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164 words for a weekend home alone gone wrong. Enjoy!


"... and don't forget to feed it."

Becky nodded, ready for her dad to just leave already. Staying home alone for a weekend was going to be harder than she expected; besides, she hated feeding that thing.

In time, though, her parents left, and she was able to enjoy her time alone, for a spell.

She could hear the growling rumble through the house, like a mild earthquake.

Sighing heavily, she went out back to the fridge and hacked off a limb, laughing at their faces still frozen in fear, and stepped downstairs to the basement.

It was there, alright, pale eyes shining in the dark, still locked to the wall by its collar. She recounted the rules as she stepped down the stairs.

Step. Rule one: never go past the line.

She flicked on the light. Step. Never look at it too directly.

Step. Never make a loud noise.

Step. Never give it more than a pound of food at once.

Step. Never turn on the light.

She paused for a second, realizing the light was on, and screamed. The monster got its meal. And many more.

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