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A story without commas, and a girl lost in the mist. Enjoy! :3


The mist shrouds her face and made it hard to see.

Something feels... off. She feels like she's missing something. She grabs her bag and ran a finger down the flap.

Breathe in the mist. Peer into the bag. Everything's there. She snickered to herself and carried on through the fog.

Breathe in the fog. Step. Step. Step. Something's amiss in the mist. She can't put her finger on it. It seems like something more than physical. A part of her. A part of her story.

She spins in her spot and wishes she could see through the fog. Her thoughts are stilted. Jumbled like a Lego structure after it's been torn down. A growl; she turns. She braces herself.

A shadow in the mist. She can figure it out somehow; the beast is taking her thoughts. Stealing her mind. It stalks towards her on shadowy legs with claws like razors. Teeth like knives.

A head like a skull from a longhorn. The beast circles her. It snorts as she cowers. Nothing but the sound of its claws clacking on the stone can be heard.

She collapses; she feels like she can't process her thoughts. The beast looms over her like the trees; silent. Waiting.

Waiting to finish her off; waiting to finish draining her thoughts. She can hardly think.

The thing. Is there. Avoiding. Her. Gaze. She can't see it. Her thoughts. Are coming. Slowly. Like. Molasses. Words. One. At. A. Time. Cold. So cold. She. Can't feel. Her legs. Fading.

The beast. Grins. Teeth. Hundreds. Of dripping. Spikes. In a. Yawning cave. And it descends on her.

As some of you might have figured out, this is my personal take on my Commaless challenge :) If any of you are interested in writing a story like this, write a story without any commas and tag "commaless"! I'll shout out my favorites on my profile, so make it good! :)

And, as always... Thank You For Reading!

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