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amgoosehjonk i will throw your rake in the lake
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Gimme some words to work with!

Hey Guys!

So, one of my favorite things to do for quick writing ideas is to take a single word and write off of that. While some things are expected (e.g. Murk or Bait) you can get some totally wild things with this (They Watch Us And We Walk started as towering; the entities came before the story!)

Now, the reason I'm telling you all this, is I'd like some writing prompts!

One word, any word, as long as you think I can get something unique out of it, and preferably not anything inherently horror-related; I don't need words like "skeleton" or "grave" or "kill", thanks! BE CREATIVE!

If you get me a word that "clicks" per se, and I can write a story, I'll be sure to put your username in the tags and the description!

You can even add bonuses to the prompt, like "less than 50 words" or "incorporates flowers", if you want!

I'm excited to see the kinds of things you guys come up with! Adios!

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