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"Right now, it came in the form of flitting shadows, lingering slightly too long in her gaze, seeming to melt behind her, and that goddamned chattering sound."


She could hear it behind her-- clicking teeth. Chattering dentures, like one of those stupid wind-up toys. She shivered and looked behind herself.

She couldn't see it. She never could, at first.

She'd run home every night-- or from home, if that's where it decided to strike-- and she couldn't even see the stinking thing before it was too close to avoid.

Right now, it came in the form of flitting shadows, lingering slightly too long in her gaze, seeming to melt behind her, and that goddamned chattering sound.

The streets were bizarrely sparse, too, empty cars on bare roads stretching past dark buildings scraping a clear sky.

As far as she could tell, it was just her, the monster, and the moon, glowering in the sky, nothing but the pitter-pat of her feet and the inane chittering.

She ducked into an alley, a dark, moist place, but there was a clear path to the next street.

She looked behind her, the chattering decreasing in volume-- maybe she could lose the monster, this time.

She cursed as her shoulder hit a brick wall, exploding into agony, and she slumped against it and slid down, dumbfounded. Was that wall there before, she wondered?

But it was too late for thought; the monster was here, suddenly condensing from black mist that was leaking out of... somewhere. She blinked. She didn't even really care anymore.

It was long and lanky, with pale, shiny skin that shone in the night, and stringy black hair hanging off the sides of its scraggly scalp.

It moved towards her with jerking, shuddering movements, a strong breeze threatening to knock it over-- but it was getting closer, and the chattering was getting louder.

A tear rolled down her cheek. It always ended like this. Too soon.

With shining, dripping eyes, it looked at the moon and grinned. She shivered again. That grin.

The snapping teeth came to a thundering crescendo as it looked at her, thousands of little teeth that fit together like a sieve, glistening in the moonlight.

She was sobbing now as it resumed its terrible walk, creaking and shuddering like a machine that badly needed oil. She was at its feet now, pressed up against the wall as far as she could go.

She was frozen in its gaze, a deer caught in headlights. Then it bent down, and she shut her eyes. This is usually where the dream ended.

But it didn't. A shudder wracked her body as it put its mouth over her head, horrible slimy flesh hanging off the top of its lip. The teeth dug into her neck, blood gushing.

She shot awake in a cold sweat, screaming. But it was all a dream. That's all it ever was.

She gasped as she ran her fingers on her neck, feeling hundreds of tiny raised bumps-- like way too many mosquito bites.

As the chattering picked up, it dawned on her with increasing horror that she would never be alone again.

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