Birth of a Beast
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A virgin pregnancy by one Mary Sonavy delighted the church. But is everything as it seems?

Birth of a Beast

A virgin pregnancy by one Mary Sonavy delighted the church. "It's the second coming of Christ!" they crooned, on the news, on national TV, on their own radio stations, in sermons.

Most of the poplulation thought that she'd just gotten drunk and forgot she had an accident. It happens sometimes. No big deal.

Well, DNA tests proved that she'd had no intercourse before, and she said she never planned to have kids.

In fact, she'd even scheduled her tubes to be tied, a couple weeks after she discovered she was pregnant.

The church was overjoyed, and the world was filled with people tearfully renouncing their religions everywhere. It was a time of great chaos.

While, the birth came and went, and every expense was paid by the church to ensure that Christ came out as healthy as possible.

He came out, and he was a beautiful child, that's for sure, with shining eyes and perfect features.

Though, she committed suicide when he was three, and her husband followed suit, and from there the priests, the organizers, the preachers dropped like flies,

mysteriously dying of heart attacks and aneurysms in the middle of church matters.

The populace was terrifed: "God has been angered!" they would scream, as cities burned and citizens died, and for a while it seemed so.

But, as the child rose, every minute of his life televised, something finally clicked for me in an interview where the seven-year-old had spoken about his abilities.

God was smart, but the Devil was smarter. He used the publicity over a virgin birth, knowing that the church would overpubliscize it, as they usually would, as the birth of Christ.

The antichrist came in disguise.

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