We try
We try  dont be a bystander stories

amethystghost Community member
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Bullying is the worst thing to do.

We try

We try

We try

We try to ignore The opinions of those who judge us

But sometimes They pierce the wall That we have built

And they find

The little ball of self that we have made

They find it vulnerable and unguarded

They see if there and feel a chance

A chance to build themselves up after there own torment

So they do

They take from the structured supplies of others

They take it and they build themselves a patchwork of armor

But inside

Beneath the armor and behind the wall

They too are just a ball of vulnerable self

The self they tried to hide

To protect

From the constrictor that has wrapped around there throat

But they do not do this

That do not realize

That they are tearing down themselves too

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