Rose and Violets
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A poem for anyone that suffers from any types of mental disorders.

Rose and Violets

Roses could be red,

Violets sometimes are blue.

With your thoughts screaming in both ears,

You're never really sure what is true.

People notice from a distance.

That when you're alone, you change,

Even if it's just for an instance.

Even if you scream and cry,

no one notices enough to stop by,

To check if you truly want to die.

Time passes without you noticing it went by,

days turn to weeks, in a blink of an eye.

To be completely honest,

You rather just give up and say goodbye.

Time ticks on, and so do you.

The lessons life has dealt you are far from fair,

But you will grow and become stronger as you always do.

Yes roses could be a red,

Yes violets sometimes are blue,

Times can be hard, but please stay strong, because I Love You <3.

((For anyone struggling with depression or anxiety or any other mental disorders, I am SO proud of you! You guys have gone through things others wouldn't dare to think.

Please stay strong and reach for help. Others are there for you, I promise. I really want you to know that you are an amazing, wonderful, beautiful person and suicide is never the answer.

Please be safe <3))

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