My greatest fear came true

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My greatest fear came true

by ameagami

I have an impressive list of fears But I refused to believe That the worst of them will be real

I was woken up one day To be told "your mother passed away" Her room was right next to mine So I ran to her side Certain that if I called her name She'll open her eyes But she did not

I held her hand as they took her away from the comfort of her home Shocked upon the sight of her sleeping in a coffin that is so cold

I couldn't breath , watching them slowly covering her with sand This can't be happening , somebody please wake me up now My knees gave way when she settled down Underground

In a month it'll be a year Since my beloved mother passed away Till today It feels so painful as if it all happened yesterday

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9 months agoReply
@bernardtwindwil Thank you so much, your kind words means the world to me .... my mother passed away without seeing me succeed in anything , I'm still a failure even though I'm trying , but still I'll try my best cause my dream is to make my mom proud , I hope I can make it someday

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
10 months agoReply
Thank you for sharing that beautiful poem. I hope it helped you to write it as much as it helped me to read it. This is so beautiful that I am sure your mother would be incredibly proud of your work. Great and lkoving work!!!!!!