Flickering lights
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ameagamiCommunity member
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Flickering lights

by ameagami

For the first time in years I managed to crawl an inch forward

To others

I'm still no where near getting a life Which is true

To me

I feel like I'm walking on the moon

Considering the fact that for the last 6 years I've been watching everyone moving forward in the speed of light While I was pinned down to rock bottom

Without a doubt I will see the slightest movement as an improvement

Even though my life still a complete and utter mess But I feel like I have a chance

It's like I've been living in the dark for a really long time To the point I forgot how life looked like And out of the sudden I saw hope's flickering light

It was just for a second But for a second I saw something other than pitch black

I don't know if it's going to flicker again But I know I'm going to enjoy this hopeful feeling as long as I can 

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