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With you, a happy ending is all I can imagine

To You

The first time I saw you

a lightening bolt hit my calf and traveled up my spine and I forgot how to walk.

My heart sped up so fast I thought it would grow wings and fly out of my chest, and I thought for sure

you'd notice when I stopped breathing long enough for my tongue to fall down my throat.

I probably don't make any sense - but around you is a rainbow in which you are the pot of gold at the


and I am the leprechaun desperately seeking you.

These love notes are songs played in a major cord;

on your guitar strings are little fairies plucking with your fingertips and they light up the room.

The second time I saw you,

I knew you were home.

Your arms are the walls in my house that keep me safe and your words are that melodies that fill me

with warmth.

My days are spent dreaming of you and my nights are spent making love to you, and in my head you are the king of my castle.

Ending with happy endings isn't my strong suit but with you,

a happy ending is all I can imagine.

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