Who am I?

amberw16, the rest is a mystery even to me
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Who am I?

by amberw

Is that a simple or hard question?

For me it's the hardest but for others it could be easy.


I surprise myself everyday. If I knew who I was, would this really be the case?

Who is this person?

More importantly, if I don't know who I am then who is this person other people talk about and say they know?


Is an identity even something achievable in a time like this?

I'll let you know.

I guess the only thing I can do is let you know if I ever find out. So for now I'll just say my name is Amber and I'm 16.

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geeky_yangBronze CommaCommunity member
a year ago
Guess that movie quote!

doormattBest woman ever? She's in Heavan.
3 months ago
I don't believe in much..

darklylovedCommabassadorDelicately Chaotic
6 months ago
Golden Dragon
First time writing a story like this. Don't judge ...

lisaSilver CommaCats
a year agoReply
It's a daily battle to answer that question. For now, hello @amberw!

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
welcome @amberw :) finding yourself is a life journey :D