The sound of dark silence called sleep
The sound of dark silence called sleep sleep stories

amberroseyandol fan fiction. Romance mainly
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sleep can and will be the only cure.

The sound of dark silence called sleep

by amberroseyandol

Sleep. It can cure someone in multiple ways other people describe in their own description of memory.

no matter if its day or night, your dreams are like memories your brain wants to create.

Dreams can be scary and harsh or, sweet and calming.

Sleep and dreams, depending how hot or cold your room is, in fact, people believe that if your room is just at the right temp you wont dream anything

Anyone loves naps, power naps, sleep, deep sleep etc. they are giving they're body a break after a day of experience.

what you witness in your sleep or dream, no one can tell what it was like, its a dream only you created from your right side of your brain.

sleep, a powerful cure that could help someone feel good. calmed.

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