The Plan- Best friends to something more part 6 *yes its finally here*
The Plan- Best friends to something more part 6
*yes its finally here* stories
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amberroseyandol fan fiction. Romance mainly
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The Plan- Best friends to something more part 6 *yes its finally here*

by amberroseyandol

lets back track a little bit from chapter 5. Vanessa gets this giant surprise the night they both go out to dinner, Jason's and her family came to congratulate them on the engagement.

and to finish it off they celebrated alone and you know what went down if you have read parts aka chapters 1-5. These love birds are now getting married. Fast forward to now ...

As Vanessa is looking at places to have the ceremony, Jason is looking at places for the after ceremony party. They both work together to find a spot and place close to where they exactly want

and where they need to have it. Vanessa had a good idea to have the wedding in the spring and shouted, " We should have the wedding in the spring!" Jason couldn't agree because he wanted it

in the fall. " I would much rather the fall because nobody would be complain about how warm and humid it is and itll be too mucky to be completely honest with you." They talked it out and set it

to the fall. Talked about the date of the wedding and when exactly they are gonna have it but they also looked at the percent chances of rain fall and how hot or cold it will be that day in that

year. It started to get dark and they took a break and went to a bar together. But he also did realize while on the way to the bar that the date of the wedding landed on her Birthday. She didn't

want to say anything because she wanted him to say something about it. Thus it took him a while to realize this. till 10 minutes later once they have arrived to the bar to relax and put off stres

that he then realized it was gonna be on her birthday. "Oh wait, the wedding, hold up, OOOOHH its on your birthday.... Sorry hun do u want to make changes on the date?" Then Vanessa speaks in a

soothing calm tone, " Yes please but right now we are focused on us not the wedding, lets head inside shall we." "hell ya, lets go!!"

the enter and it looks like a fancy bar. Vanessa starts to feel sick and runs outside to throw up. Thinking its the smell of the bar, Jason auto matically takes her home to take care of her.

Now what he doesn't know is that she has a 4 pregnancy tests in her large purse unused. Once they got home she runs straight to the bathroom and throws up. after she was done throwing up she

takes the test waits 3 minutes and it came positive. She took the three other ones and they all came positive. His reaction will be in part 7!!!

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