Best Friends to Something More PART4!!
Best Friends to Something More PART4!! stories

amberroseyandolfan fiction. Romance mainly
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Best Friends to Something More PART4!!

by amberroseyandol

"I guess, you're right then....Oh and get ready vaness, i also have a surprise after pizza." Jason said as he was trying to get her to get up and get ready. He gathers his stuff and goes

into the hall to give her privacy " Dress how you normally dress, i honestly love you if you just stay in normal clothes." he shouted from across the hall. " Copy that!" vanessa said.

once they were both dressed, vanessa looked normal but curled her long, brown hair and added colored extensions, Jason walks up to her and takes the extensions out. "Don't stress, its just me...

you don't need all of this." and at that moment, Vanessa knew Jason was right and straightened her hair and took off anything that was "extra". Jason helps her straighten her hair and they were

out the door in less than 10 minutes. They arrived at their favorite place, Pizza Hut. The waitress sees them in the distance and says "Table for vanessa and jason?"

Vanessa was surprised, and both followed the waitress to their old table where they would always sit when times got rough. "Oh my go- is this our old spot?" she says in surprise. "indeed it is my

pizza princess" He chuckles. Their pizza was already ready for them to eat and they both dug in. She then asked what the surprise was but he kept saying" i can't tell you!"

They sat eating pizza and laughing and having an amazing time, he paid for the pizza already so they could leave. So, he texted her friend chloe and she was in on the surprise, went in and put

The fireplace on low, a romantic movie, put two large teddy bears on the couch and balloons shaped like hearts and some were normal ones, put on her scented candles and rock music was playing in

the Background, and laid out their favorite drinks. Before they walked in, chloe slipped out the back door. Jason put on a blindfold around her eyes and walked her to the front door. Before he

Opened the door he whispered to her in a soothing voice and said " wait here, I'll be back. she stands there and waits for him to return. 2 minutes later, He comes back and re does the place and

had put everything the way they would both love. He opens the door walks her into the house and she takes off the blindfold. She was amazed about how he did all of the decorating for her surprise

"Jason, omg, i- i - i don't know what to say... you did all of this for me and-" cutting her off "you, are the only person i can connect with that i can do all of this just for one person in my

life who has been through thick and thin and wanted to thank you. And also your my girlfriend after all." Without any words from her, she jumps up to him and kisses him as a thank you

and a welcome. They were both happy and it was already 8 o'clock at night. so they cleaned up and watched DeadPool. With laughs and popcorn in hand, their hands met and he put the popcorn down

and they held hands. 5 minutes before the movie ended with DeadPool kissing his girlfriend, They both kissed each other.

3 years, 4 months and 15 days into their relationship, both families were happy. He decides to take her out to dinner, a fancy restaurant. Will he propose to her, or will it be just another date

Stay tuned for part 5!!

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