best friends to something more part 7
best friends to something more part 7 stories

amberroseyandolfan fiction. Romance mainly
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jasons reaction to the pregnancy tests... this chapter itll tell you his reaction.

best friends to something more part 7

Vanessa comes out of the bathroom to 4 positive tests and cries. Jason was confused and asked her "what happened, are you okay?" Vanessa gave Jason the tests and he was shocked. He said " your lying.... no this can't be... are you serious?!" she nods and they both hugged each other tightly. Since they found out she was pregnant, they celebrated by drinking apple juice out of a wine glass.

Hours later, the sun was rising and they went to bed. Later that morning Jason was debating on whether or not to make breakfast for her. But then went into the kitchen to make her breakfast anyway.

he makes her breakfast in bed as usual only when she sleeps in late. He wakes her up with scrambled eggs with green and red peppers, fruit and orange juice on a tray. As he's about to put it on the night stand he sees the tests and sees they came positive but remembered he put them there. Her tray on one hand and the tests in another he throws away the tests and puts down her breakfast to have her wake up with a surprise for her.

Little did she know, she woke up with a very passionate kiss. "Good morning my love, how did my baby girl sleep." She was speechless and the moment he said that to her in his raspy morning voice, she knew that she had made the right decision to have his baby.

After she had her breakfast at 2 pm, they both went to go out for a walk to get some fresh air. As they were walking through town, a young married couple walked past them and said "good afternoon." They then nodded and said " good afternoon." and both couples went on with their day. Jason saw a close coffee shop and asked Vanessa if she wanted to grab coffee and she said " yeah, i need coffee to wake me up a bit more anyway babe."

They both sat down and ordered two coffees. They enjoyed each others company and talked about the wedding date. They both agreed to November 22nd. After their walk and coffee, Jason sets up a movie and some popcorn to sit down and relax so Vanessa can only focus on the movie and him. Jason was trying his best to get the baby off her mind and he succeeded. All she thought about was the wedding and cuddled up in his arms so she would stay warm.

During the movie Jason slowly put his fingers towards her thigh and started kissing her neck slowly and softly. She then said " you could of just said that you wanted to do it and start kissing me baby." Jason then said " you know what fine." he picks her up into their bedroom and throws her on the bed and they go at it. Vanessa doesn't take her plan B and Jason puts on a condom. Which in this case made her feel a lot better.

Will they tell their family the big news or will they hold off for about a month?? we'll find out in part 8 ;) stick around for more.

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