Best friends to something More part 3!!
Best friends to something More part 3!! stories

amberroseyandolfan fiction. Romance mainly
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Best friends to something More part 3!!

by amberroseyandol

She said "Yes!! Obviously!!" as she shouted and clears her throat "umm i mean, yes, sure, absolutely" as she puts her thumb up and giving him a cheesey nervous smile.

Jason and Vanessa, being the now new lovely couple they are, they decided to just sleep in the same bed. " Since we've been friends for a very long time, do you just wanna sleep in the same bed?"

Jason asked with a smile on his face. Vanessa's bright, icey eyes got wide and a smile on her face. * Don't screw this relationship up vaness, he's your best friend, your now boyfriend!!*

As she said in her head. " um, if you want that's more than okay with me, so bout that pizza date, is your mom gonna freak out about this?" she questioned him with concern.

"No, No, i don't think she will, i won't tell my parents we're dating until you feel is the right moment. and that date is still on for tomorrow." he spoke calmly with confidence.

Later that very night, they sleep together and got on their phones taking pictures with each other. They laugh, smile and joke around. Until Jason's mother sent him a text...

It was about his father, that he committed suicide 20 minutes ago. He sat up to reread the text message and he was sure he read it correctly. he jumped up and started saying yay!! Vanessa was

questioning why he's saying yay. "Babe, my dad just committed suicide and i know you're gonna be decently upset but he was an abusive drunk." he said " That's great and i am not upset at all!!"

They were both happy his father was gone b/c of too many butt hurt memories. "well, i know for a fact you still got me cause i l-" " I love you too" He cut her off once again.

They both start kissing again. Vanessa's Phone goes off, it's her "Friend" Chloe. Chloe wanted to know if vanessa could hang out and as they are still kissing, she replies i can't i have family

plans for the rest of this month and on forward. Chloe gets upset and didnt responded since then. Vanessa checks the clock and its 1:45 AM, And they stop and she says to jason. "DUDE! its 1:45 AM

Jason looks at her like she's nuts, checks her phone and looks back at her and shrugs. "Why does that matter when i can just kiss you all night, well considering that fact it is late so i guess

that we could stop." There was a pause between them and they both chuckle in realisation that they have been kissing for a LONG time and didn't care so they continue like nothing happened.

They stop for a brief moment for him to take off his shirt. "ik we are 16 and 17 years old but would you like it if i-" "I don't care...Uh... Just shut up and kiss me..." as she says to him

He puts on Ellie Goulding's Love me like you do from 50 shades of gray as they are getting down and dirty. About 20 minutes later they stop and fall asleep.

later that morning, he wakes up to see her smiling while sleeping. wakes her up with the touch of his hand and in a soft raspy voice " good morning my beautiful angel... wake up baby..."

" Good morning, it was wonderful last night by the way." She says in a cute tiny raspy voice as she wakes up looking into his ocean blue eyes. " Do you remember what today is?" he asked

" I know, its our first actual date at a pizza restaurant." she said with joy in her tone "guess what.." he said. "what...?" " I love you so much that i would do anything to be with you."

"Awwee. Baby..." He grabs a hold of her hand and pecks her lips and says " You do not need to say another word. i love you too much to leave you Period." "i love you too Jason."

" i guess we were meant to be after all these years." She chuckles still hold his hand.

To be continued... stay tuned for part 4!! comment how you think their date is gonna go?

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