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Part one of "The Narcissist Saga."

Deception Games

Heavy like my heartbeat, the angry, growling sonnet.

Teardrops on the kitchen tile, deja vu from the last motherfucker who used my love for his ego

Why do I love these narcissist assholes?

Is this a nightmare, or is this reality?

I'm accustomed to, expectant of the charming liars

I'm screaming through the amplifiers.

He knows me, I'll keep crawling, digging through the mud

and painting over the warning signs.

He knows I'm just a starving stray, devouring the attention, the fantasies he sends my way.

So he takes what he needs and leaves the shell,

translucent and tattered, broken and forgotten.

Empty eyes glued shut, stripped of my beauty. Naked on the ledge.

Then that replacement body, with her demon limbs, with her succubus lips

tosses me to the undertow and I can't breathe.

But it's not like you ever really cared about me.

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