Different Worlds, Same Heart
Different Worlds, Same Heart demigods stories

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Rin is the daughter of Ryujin. She goes to a school for demigods of Asian descent. She dreams to one day explore the world and learn all about the other pantheons that exist. On the other side of the world, Justin is the son of Poseidon. He goes to a school for demigods of Greek descent. Both of them live in totally different worlds, but one day the two schools decided to hold a festival, so the schools decided to come together. As the schools work for the festivals, they are told not to be friends as it would go against their parents' wishes. So with everything against these two, they let their feelings tell them what's right for them...

Different Worlds, Same Heart

"Rin! What're you doing here?" Ichiro asked. "Shhh! We're in the library!" Rin whispered loudly. "Sorry! Anyways, what are you doing here?" Ichiro asked Rin. "Finding a history book on Greek Mythology. I want to read about it." Rin answered. Rin returned to browsing the titles of the books on the shelves. "Why are you reading about Greek Mythology?" Ichiro asked. "Well, it's really interesting. And it's refreshing to learn about another pantheon besides our own." Rin said. "Whatever you say. I'm going to read some manga, see ya!" Ichiro said to me, before walking off. "Bye," Rin told Ichiro, before looking back at the books on the shelves. A few minutes later, Rin finds the book she wanted. She carefully took the book out and then looked to see if there are any other books. She carries the books back to a table and sits down. "Look, it's that weird girl, who's fascinated by other pantheons! Our pantheon is the best pantheon around, no other can top us." one of the girls said, pointing at Rin. "Our parents wouldn't like it, seeing their child reading about other gods and goddesses." another girl said. Rin ignores it and then starts reading about the Greek pantheon. She gets fascinated by the Greek equivalent of her dad, Ryujin. "Poseidon is like my dad. He's the god of the sea. Except he's a person, while my dad is a dragon. I wonder how powerful Poseidon would be." Rin thinks. After reading for a couple of hours, she gets up and decides to borrow the books from the library. She sees Ichiro by the front desk and walks over to him. "Hey, Ichiro! Borrowing another comic?" She asks. "Manga is not just a comic, Rin. It's more complex than that." He says, trying to make manga sound better than comics. I giggled a bit and then talked to the librarian about borrowing the books. Afterwards, they walked out together and headed over to their lockers. They had no clue that something big was going to happen.

On the other side of the world, in another school... "Justin! Wait up!" Wyatt exclaims. Justin stopped walking through the hall and waited for Wyatt to catch up. "What is it?" Justin asks. "Did you hear? We're having another class join ours for battle training today." Wyatt says to Justin. "Seriously?! That's not the best idea. Especially since we're an advanced battle class." Justin says in a surprised voice. They continued walking down the hallway. "Yeah, well hopefully they can keep up. Our class isn't going to have mercy on them." Wyatt says. "I'd love to see them try to defeat us. Our class is a mix of Ares kids and kids of the Big Three. It'll be hard to defeat us." Justin says. "Anyways, what class do you have?" Wyatt asks. "Oh, I have Cultural Studies," Justin says. "That class is pretty boring, but I mean the only cool part about it, is that we get to learn about other pantheons besides our own. I mean there're other gods who are similar to my dad, Ares!" Wyatt exclaims. "Yeah, I like that class too. Although, to me, it's cool to know that the Asian version of my dad, Poseidon is a dragon!" Justin exclaims. "Woah! Seriously?! That's awesome! Maybe one day, you'll get to see him." Wyatt says with a huge grin on his face.

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