Skyline Pt 1
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Part 1: Intro to Skyline, a working theory on life events in correlation to nature.

Skyline Pt 1

Your own personal skyline based on your life. Mother Nature has described our lives within the formations of her earth. Our life is metaphorically written in the ground.

The beginning is like a forest, so full of life and potential. Fruitful with possibilities.

Then the jungles of our youth. The confusion and exploration of our adolescent years, until we find ourselves in adulthood.

Our meadows are our lifeline, the basis of our existence. They are composed of what you are.

Valleys dip low, down with our depression and hardships. Sometimes digging into canyons.

Canyons. Rock bottom. Canyons are formed by pressure and afflictions. We can't shape who we are without trials and tribulations.

But once formed, we can start to climb out and maybe lay in our meadow again. Smell the flowers.

If we keep climbing, we can thrive. The hills aren't a complication, they give you a better view of how far you've come.

They are there to literally help you rise above.

Now mountains are created by the clashing of tectonic forces. The finale after all the work and climbing and struggling. Almost like nature's applause.

Mountains aren't something we have to get through, it's the reward after a long haul. That stretch of climbing, it's really you growing.

After everything, you've been or haven't been through, your personal journey is unique to you. It's however you view your voyage.

And with the right lighting, all horizons are beautiful.

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