The Day I Saw The Sun
The Day I Saw The Sun sun stories

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I’ve always wondered what the sun and the outside world looked like. And now, I’ve found out.

The Day I Saw The Sun

Here, where I live,

The sun never, ever shines.

I’m too deep underground to see it.

And I dream to see the sun once and for all!

I don’t quite know when I’ll see it,

But today I’m going to try!

I sat down on my bed, finalizing my escape plans.

I thought to myself, what if this doesn’t work? But I still had to try.

I stood up and left my cave room.

It was cold down here. I shivered.

I passed by a few people. They seemed not to have any suspicions about my escape plan.

I eventually got to the big stone door.

This was where the entrance was to the outside. No one was aloud out, though.

Thankfully, no one guarded the door. So I was free to push it aside. Although, it was pretty heavy.

I heaved and pushed and heaved and pushed.

Finally, the big stone door opened.

I saw beautiful trees and flowers.

I saw hills and green grass.

I saw animals in every direction.

But most importantly, I saw the sun.

I shone down on me with its bright, warm solar waves.

I couldn’t believe it. It was so beautiful!

However, I knew that soon someone would notice the door was open. Then they’d certainly find me.

So my solution? Close the big stone door again. Run away and embrace the nature around me.

So I did that. I closed the big stone door and began to run.

I had officially left. It was time to embrace this wonderful scenery!

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