One Way Home - Lesbian Love Story - Part Two
One Way Home - Lesbian Love Story - Part Two romamce stories

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Space is shared by so many people.

One Way Home - Lesbian Love Story - Part Two

I’m not really the kind of person to socialize a lot.

I prefer to stay in the shadows,

I prefer to be left alone.

I prefer to just do my own thing without other people getting in my way.

When I’m all alone, I feel a sense of happiness,

Happiness that is rather rare...

To me at least.

It’s always been me and me only, so I’ve gotten used to that feeling.

But I do have my hobbies.

Space, one of the most fascinating things that I had decided to study.

It’s filled with the most unique things out there.

Nebula’s are my favourite thing about it. They have all those wonderful, pretty colours.

They make you want to start watching the sky and never stop.

It’s just a pure wonder, it’s something that’s just great.

But right now, I’m in the library looking for a specific book about neutron stars.

They are my main interest at the current moment. I have so much to learn about them.

I’m walking through one of the long aisles. So many books, so many hours of reading I could possibly do!

Oh, what a marvellous wonder!

So many things to dream about, so many different possibilities!

I come across the place where the book is and I rush to it.

But when I get there, there’s already someone there, and they’ve already grabbed the book I wanted.

“Uh... hi there,” I say. I really want that book.

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