One Way Home - Lesbian Love Story - Part Four
One Way Home - Lesbian Love Story - Part Four  romance stories

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Is it right to love another girl?

One Way Home - Lesbian Love Story - Part Four

Her voice was as swift as the wind, my voice was like a starry sky.

Her voice, I had never heard anything like it.

The way her curly hair just sat there, it was almost memorizing.

And here eyes... the moment when her gaze locked upon me was so awesome!

Wait, why am I thinking about her like this?

I don’t even know her name, and I doubt she even knows mine!

But what would my parents think?

They say I shouldn’t like another girl; that it’s not right.

They say that I’d go down, because I had done something like this.

They’d say that while they were in heaven, I’d be in hell.

But do I really believe them? I don’t know. I’m just scared.

With the book in my hands, I walk over to one of the tables.

I pull the chair back, then I sit down, excited to read my book.

I open it to the first page.

The page reads: “Neutron Stars: Cool or Catastrophic.”

I’m already excited by what the first page reads, my smile almost flies off my face.

I’m just so interested by this topic, it just gets me so excited!

My eyes flip to the next page. They move around as my mind recites the words on the pages.

I’m learning so much more already, it almost freaks me out by all the knew knowledge I’m gaining.

My hands move to where one of the pages are. I flip to the next page.

As I continue reading, my mind remembers something.

That girl... the one that grabbed the book, she dropped that book!

And I’m reading that book! How did I not even notice?!

I need to give her that book back! Right now!

I rush out of my chair, not even pushing it in.

I start running, but someone notices, someone who doesn’t want me running.

“No running in the library!” Shouted the librarian from her desk.

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