Sad Love
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amateurwriter_9 This is just some real stuff...real deep
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Losing your only love.

Sad Love

Love is an extraordinary feeling that you have for someone and when someone has that feeling for you it feels nice,

you feel all warm and fuzzy inside like that's the only thing you've ever wanted. Imagine a zombie apocalypse you and your love roaming freely, the last humans left.

As you two are running along side the rapids you spot a pack of zombies and you two hide.

As you are sharpening your knife they get attacked by a zombie and they have to fight them off they tell "RUN y/n RUN NOW....

please" you say "No i'm not leaving without you" you turn around to see a zombie running at you full speed, you get tackled and they on the floor helplessly while they sit and watch....

its torture seeing you this way, they try and fight back but it's just not working." NOOOOO y/n"....

You've been bitten there's nothing you can do now the blood is rushing all through your body, your slowly turning into a zombie. They've escaped the zombie but you've been infected now..

its irreversible. they hold you in their arms crying hoping you don't turn....."y/n, I love you" you turn.

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