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The story of an ordinary person with ordinary life


Once I was travelling alone, with nothing in my hands, no friends, family, or baggage. Just me and my confused soul.

I don't know where I'm going and why I'm alone. But suddenly, I don't know-how, I entered into a tunnel.

A dark tunnel with no light. I don't know where to go. I can't see anything.

My soul wept like never before. A blame game between mind and heart going on. My mind is constantly hurting me, and that makes the situation worse.

But deep down in my heart, some voice is telling me to stay strong and not to lose my hope.

Then came a ray of light from nowhere.

It just came and cleared all my worries with great ease. It showed me my path.

A path that leads to my destined destination.

Now suddenly, I found myself surrounded by many people. I'm not alone anymore!

I reached the destination and thanked the light for helping me out.

At first, I thought that the ray of light is a miracle. Later, I thought that's God's blessing on me.

But then, I have realized that this light is nothing but the unconditional love of my parents coupled with my unfailing hope.

Their steadfast love and my infinite hope lead me to my destination.

Sometimes we face similar situations. We scold ourselves for our decisions. We feel so confused, depressed and helpless.

During those times, support from our parents and loved ones help us to cross obstacles. We have to wait for the right time.

We shouldn't lose our hope in any situations. We should be grateful to our parents forever.

Thanks for reading!

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