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Life is like a poorly-plotted novel.

The Plot Twist

by amariahcondon

Life is like a poorly-plotted novel.

We bumble through our dimly-lit lives,

trekking through the Exposition and Rising Action. But we don’t experience one, singular conflict. We don’t face one, single enemy. That so-called Falling Action is more myth than reality.

Our quests are not always as grandiose or blessed

as the search for the Holy Grail, or as meaningful as a destiny to stop the end of the world.

But just when our lives feel humdrum and trite,

just as we start to settle into the dreariness of the everyday, something comes along and surprises us:

The Plot Twist.

These Plot Twists in our lives can be sprung upon us

without warning, and without an easy resolution. Foreshadowing is rarely A Thing in these messy cases of real life.

And we may hate them when they accost us,

when they tear us out of our comfort zones and force us into a new equilibrium.

And we may fear them,

because we are not guaranteed a Happy Ending, a moment when every lose thread settles into place, and everything makes sense again.

But they exist, nonetheless, and we must accept them.

Because every good novel has a Plot Twist.

Why shouldn't we?

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