I Want To See Tomorrow Come
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I want to see tomorrow come. Watch it race across the sky, chasing the fiery gold of Apollo’s chariot.

I Want To See Tomorrow Come

by amariahcondon

I want to see tomorrow come.

Watch it race across the sky,

chasing the fiery gold of Apollo's chariot.

Feel it spread through the air,

that raw, unblemished day just waiting for me to mold it into my future.

Take Dawn’s hand and escort her across the heavens,

dancing and swaying to the melody of the universe.

Touch a rainbow as it arches through the clouds,

rejoicing in the light.

Listen to a flower bloom,

a hummingbird soar, a chipmunk chatter.

Find my true love and whisper the very secrets of my soul.

Create beautiful, unrivaled masterpieces,

filled with everything hidden inside of me, and share them with the world, for that one person who will see and hear and understand.

Chase my dreams and capture my passions,

safeguard my hopes and defend my ideals.

Follow nothing but my own self,

trust my intellect, value my emotions.

Fly across the oceans,

arms outstretched, fingertips brushing the water’s surface, with the whole world ahead of me.

Speak to a dragon

and learn from its eons of wisdom and knowledge.

Witness the rebirth of the phoenix,

the magnificent ash and sparks and flame.

Discover my own Narnia,

hidden in the back of my closet, or under my bed, or next to my piano, and embrace a land where magic thrives.

Hold my cats and bury my nose in their soft fur,

and let their purrs calm my racing heart.

Hug my mother, inhale her familiar, warm scent,

and forget I ever had a worry in the world.

Comfort a friend,

laugh at an ages-old joke, and remember the past.

Uncover the secrets of the world around me.

Give my love to all who have earned it.

Live to the fullest, hold nothing back.

I want to see tomorrow come.

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