🤍The Masked Phantom - Donah🤍
🤍The Masked Phantom - Donah🤍 why don't we stories

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🤍The Masked Phantom - Donah🤍

A/n: This is actually one of the chapters of destiny which is my book, check it out. And this has a little bit of Zonah.

And I have to change some characters, And here's the list of characters before we begin the story:

Characters - the Greek godparents

Jonah Marais - Pandora and Epimetheus

Daniel Seavey - Hymenaios (God of marriage ceremonies)

Zach - Hades, and Persephone

Corbyn - Adonis

Jack - Zeus, and Eurynome

Gabriela - Euphrosyne (God of happiness, I think???)

Tatum - Eris

Christina - Hestia

And others.

Let's STFU, and go back to the story.

"Life is the flower for which love is the honey."

-- Victor Hugo

Third Person POV:

In the world where Greek gods and goddesses have children, there are known as 11 gems. If the 11 gems were together, they will open a portal where Cronus will rise and take over the world.

(Basically the story of Destiny)

Gems names:

Advarice or greed










and Charisma

And The Amulet of Hestia, which is given to someone on his or her 18th birthday.

That amulet can destroy and protect others, and it one of the powerful things ever created by Hephaestus, the forger of the gods. This is where our story starts.

Daniel's POV:

I was walking home from hanging out with my friends at the bar. My 18th birthday is coming up so I have to be prepared.

And I'm excited for the amulet of Hestia to be given to me, well because I can protect myself with it. I walked down a dark valley to where my house is located. I felt a hand covering my mouth.

I tried to let go but I can't, he's too strong. "Don't worry, tell me where is the amulet of Hestia?" His foul breath I could smell, and his voice were so gruff.

Then he let go of me and I fell to the ground. I looked up and saw a tall guy wearing a black suit punching and beating the hell out of this guy.

The guy who held me ran away, the guy in black shouts "Tell your gang that your days are numbered!" I stood up to thank the guy in black. "Excuse me?" I politely greeted the man.

He turned around.his face covered by a blue feathered mask.

He was about to leave me but I held his hand and asked, "Who are you?" He looked down and quickly said, "They call me the masked phantom, go home sir," He ran and disappeared through the dark.

His voice was so low and raspy that it's like a melody. I have to know his name.

Jonah's POV:

I ran to the nearest restroom on Campus and hid on one of the stalls. I cannot believe it, Daniel was there.

I and Daniel had a crazy past, we used to be together, now he dumps me because I'm worthless. I remove my black suit and mask and shoved them on my bag.

I pulled out my casual clothes and exited the stall. I went to my shared dorm. I entered and saw Jack kissing Corbyn. Zach was there reading some book, trying to avoid the PDA.

I chuckled at Zach.

I sat next to him and he whispered, "How was the mission?" I shrugged and replied, "I was great, your's?

" He whined and said, "Man, Eris' minions are so annoying and dumb," "Tell me about," I reached for an apple and took a bite out of it.

"Like, they're so dumb, that they don't have common sense," Zach snarled at me. I laughed it off, he really is in a bad mood.

Zach and I are a part of this association called "The Mask Association" We fight crime while hiding our identities.

We were given names, Zach's name is "The Mask Robin hood" while mine is "The Mask Phantom" because of Zach's wittiness and cunningness and my voice is low like a phantom, and I'm also smart.

The Next Day:

"Boys, we have mail," Corbyn yelled while holding the mail. He opened it and took it out. "What's that?" Jack asks, holding a blow of grapes.

I snapped my fingers and said "That's a hologram phone," "What's that?" Jack asked this time. I went to Corbyn and took the device from him. "This is used to project video calls or video mail.

It's really hi-tech," I pressed the on button, and It said, incoming Video mail from Daniel.

Daniel appeared and said, "Hi, You're invited for my 18th birthday, I want Jack, Corbyn, and Zach at my party at 9 pm, wear something formal," The video mail ended.

I look normal because Daniel and I had a history, so I just have to give him some space. I sighed "I'll in my room," I went to my room, sat down, and cried.

I miss Daniel, I loved him, he was my everything. I can't bear the loss of him.

Later that night,

"Calling, Zach, Calling Zach," My hologram phone rang repeatedly while I was just studying for Ms, Athena's subject (Math). I picked it up and answer it.

I was Zach, wearing his signature green cloak, his green attire, and his green feathered mask. He was fighting some bad guys. "Robin, are you okay?" I asked, trying to hide his name.

"I'm fine," he said, fighting multiple bad guys at once. "This is just training," "Wait, you're not going?" I asked. "Nah, I prefer to fight and train that going to a party," Zach replied,

I rolled my eyes at Zach's reply. "Anyway, I'm giving you a mission from Mr. Venice.

He stated," He punched a guy in the face "You should go to the grand palace where," he cuts off by kicking another guy in the balls "the ceremony is held by,

" he finishes off by a backward kick to another guy, "Hymenaios himself,"

I froze "You mean Daniel's party?" I asked him. He punched two guys and kick another guy in the head.

"Take that you fucking bad guy," "Robin!" I exclaimed "Oh, sorry Phantom, yeah Daniel's party, Eris' henchmen found the secret location and they're trying to get the amulet of Hestia,"

I nodded and ended the call. I went to the bathroom and wore my suit and my mask.

I looked myself to the mirror and thought to myself 'Jonah, you can do this,' I opened the window and ran out of it.

Daniel's POV:

My birthday is working so well. I love my friends having fun and the games. And then Hestia came with a box.

Third-person POV:

Hestia in the room carrying a box that has her own Amulet. "Daniel, honey, sit down," Hymenaios, his father commanded him. He agreed and sat down on his personalized throne.

Hestia opened the box and revealed the amulet. "Daniel James Seavey," She said with an angelic voice.

"18th years old, you are now the rightful owner of my amulet," She was bout to put the amulet on Daniel but was interrupted by a powerful banging on the door.

Revealing Eris, her dark purple hair, dark green eyes, and pale face gave shivers down everyone's spine.

"I'm back," her hoarse voice echoed in the room. "Why it's Hestia and her amulet.

I must say, I feel quite stressed for receiving an invitation," "You're not welcome here!" Daniel shouts as he stood up.

Eris looked at the boy and asked "Do you know who you're dealing with?" her voice with mix with high-pitched sounds.

Hymenaeus asks "Who permitted you to come to my son's party?" Eris smiled and Tatum appeared from the crowd.

Her blonde hair, dark green eyes, and pale face alongside a black dress remind everyone she is the daughter of Eris.

"Give me the amulet, Hestia," Eris commanded Hestia to it to her.

She raised her amulet and chanted "Raw power of the gods, destroy the paths of-" Tatum raised her magic mirror and said "Mirror shine!" The spell hit Hestia and the amulet was on Tatum's hands.

Hestia was hit by a powerless spell which she fell to the ground. "Mother," Christina ran to aid her mother.

Eris looked at Tate and smiled at her, "Nice job Tate, now we can let Cronus free," "I don't think so," Jonah said, closing the door.

Eris looked at him and said, "Another TMA? Tatum, destroy him," "Mirror sh-" her mirror fell out of her hands and broke into pieces.

Tate looks at him and saw that he threw a dagger at the mirror. "That was my mirror, you are going to pay for it," She jumped at Jonah and fought him while Eris sensed something.

Tatum and Jonah were fighting, what Tate did not know that she is fighting with one of her classmates.

Tatum punched Jonah so hard on the fact that his mask fell off. He wailed in pain, "My mask!' he shouts. He turned around revealing his face to the world. Everyone was shocked even Daniel.

His ex was the masked phantom. "Phantom!" Zach called his name and threw Jonah's dagger. He caught it and took his mask and wore it. "Ready Robin?" he asks Zach. Zach nodded.

"Tatum, get the amulet, while found a gem of charisma!" Eris said with glee, was holding Gabriela hostage. She was kicking and trying to let go.

"You take care of Tate, while I save Gabbie," Jonah ordered, Zach agreed and went to fight Tatum, whom at that point decided to leave and threw a smoke bomb on the ground and disappeared.

Zach and Jonah fought Eris who is alone.

Jonah pulled out his mother's box (The Pandora's box) and opened it revealing the monsters, Eris was horrified and ran away leaving the amulet and Gabbie behind.

He closed the box and everyone was safe. The party is back on track. "Nice job, Phantom," Zach said, tapping his shoulder.

"Jonah?" Daniel asks Jonah from behind. Jonah turned and saw Daniel. He took the amulet and wore the amulet on Daniel's neck.

"I'm the masked phantom," "I love you," He hugged Jonah and took off his mask. Both indulged in a kiss so passionate that Zach shouts "DONAH'S BACK BITCHES!"


A/n: this is the longest chapter I've ever typed in one day.

Word count: 1694

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