You never loved me
You never loved me unrequited love stories

amapink94 Community member
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How painful it is To endure a heart that is wailing and grieving

You never loved me

How painful it is

To endure a heart that is

Wailing and grieving for the loss of something it never really had

When all I want to do is cover it's mouth and shut it up forever

You do not NEED love right now

I hiss through locked teeth

As if whispering it hides that it's something that has to be said

Even from myself

But the reprimanding does not work

Ignoring it does not work

Wallowing in it does not work

Pushing it down with alcohol does not work

Every attempt to make it go away just makes the hurt worse

Until all there is left to do is wait

And wait

And wait

For what I'm not sure

Is it for the love I desperately want

Or for the hope that it will actually come to cease

And therefore I will not mourn something

I am convinced will never happen anyway

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